1. Information

General information about sorghum

2. Databases

Sorghum genome and transcriptome databases

3. Institutions

Main sorghum research and breeding institutions and centers around the world

4. Producers

US Sorghum producers, processers and market information

5. Handbooks

Handbooks about grain sorghum and white sorghum

  • Sorghum Producers

    Here you may find some information about US sorghum producers, processers and marketing.

    • NSSPPA - The US National Sweet Sorghum Producers & Processors Association
    • Producer - The US National Sorghum Producers
    • Checkoff - The US sorghum checkoff program
    • Grain Council - The US Sorghum produce and export information
    • AGMRC - The US national information resource for value-added agriculture
    • MCRG - Missouri Crop Resource Guide, US
    • IBP - The Integrated Breeding Platform
    • Chromatin - The sorghum seed and feedstock company, US