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General information about sorghum

2. Databases

Sorghum genome and transcriptome databases

3. Institutions

Main sorghum research and breeding institutions and centers around the world

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US Sorghum producers, processers and market information

5. Handbooks

Handbooks about grain sorghum and white sorghum

  • Sorghum Genome and Transcriptome Databases

    Genome sequencing of Sorghum bicolor was completed in 2009. The genome sequence is available at the Plant Genome Database of the US Joint Genome Institute. EST and RNA sequencing were made recently.

    You may search and browse these databases to obtain useful information related to your research projects.

    • Phytozome - The sorghum bicolor genome database at the US Joint Genome Institute (Release 2.1)
    • Gramene - The sorghum genome information portal at Gramene
    • Ensembl - The sorghum genome browser at Ensembl (Release 1.4)
    • PlantGDB - The sorghum genome browser at PlantGDB (Release 1.4)
    • Morokoshi - The sorghum transcriptome database at RIKEN (Japan)
    • PlantTFDB - The Sorghum transcription factors in the PlantTFDB, Peking University, China
    • GRIN - The US germplasm database
    • CWR - The database of Crop Wild Relatives
    • APD - The African Plant Database
    • Purdue - Functional Gene Discovery Platform for Sorghum at Purdue University, US